Maybe in this day and age of picture perfect meals and instagrammable experiences wine is the last frontier where there is room for the imperfect, the ugly and the challenging both for mind and the palate that needs or cannot have an explanation. 'Fuck you, drink it or not' is the equivalent to Banksy, challenging what we consider art. It may cut deeper into what's acceptable, becoming the equivalent of 'punk' in wine. 

Will it make the wine live longer? no. Will it make consumers appreciate more the work that goes into making wine and a sense of place?  doubt it. But that maybe is not the point. 
We all know that making wine is half art half science, and if that is the case, then art is winning for the sake of difference. If we cannot have perfect 100 point wines we need something that will rattle our cages, frighten and challenge us; in a way we will appreciate more the craft after seeing what is possible on the dark side of the moon. The off flavors we have worked so hard to avoid all of our lives may be a window into what is good in life, by exposure to the opposite. Kinky.