As a busboy / barback / waiter / bartender / sommelier / manager you get to hear all kinds of conversations.

But this one really took the cake.

So an older lady came for dinner with a bunch of her friends, and they were all congratulating her about her son's upcoming marriage. Somehow the subject of the bachelorette party came up, and that’s when it got weird. . .
She prefaced it by saying to her friends in a thick New York accent
‘Don't get me wrong, I grew up in the 60’s, I am not a prude, but this was something else. .. ‘
‘and how do I deal with it?’

As it turned out, her future daughter-in-law had not only had hot monkey sex with the stripper they hired as entertainment for the evening. . .
She did it right in front of everyone. . .
future mother-in-law included. . . right on the coffee table!.

Apparently ‘she had a really good time doing it too!’.

‘How do I tell my son what she did?’ the mother-in-law pondered. “Should I tell him??’

You could hear a pin drop in that room, I’ll tell you that much.

I guess I’ll never know what happened. But yeah, that one really was out there.

It is always interesting to overhear what people will share. One of the perks of the job lol