There have been a bunch of those in my career but not as many as I would have imagined.
Though I think the one that took the cake was a ‘Ms Simpson’. Somehow she could not imagine that someone with an accent and younger could know anything about wine . . . not like she knew jack shit about wine anyway. . . to her I was ‘the help’ and therefore barely human.
I was dismissed like I had neve existed. I had never been patronized like she did. I had some close experiences like that but nothing ever so blatant. 'This is what the wealthy think of people like me?' I thought.

To people like that we are all the same, do the same job and have all the same 'mediocre' abilities. . . just faceless bodies that do jobs for them.
I could barely hold my anger but thankfully my cooler head prevailed.

I refused to get anywhere near her whenever she came back though. I never served her again. Never again ran a drink, a dish or cutlery to her. Hard pass. I knew I would end up serving her some delicious knuckle sandwiches free of charge (and getting fired if I did). We may have had a night or two when they called and we were ‘unfortunately’ unable to fit them in. Oh they complained 'friends from Aspen were in town. . .'
Oh did I smiled. LOL

Thankfully management understood and supported, because they knew that nice Adrian is a nice guy, but angry Adrian is a force of nature ^__^

What's your worst customer every story?