I’ll never forget it. It was supposed to be an easy brunch, high end, multi course kind of place. Two waiters and one manager. No bartender. No bussers or foodrunners. Pride weekend. Few reservations on the book.
Then they started coming. All the walk ins. All of them. More.

Next thing we know we have a near full restaurant, 50 some covers and just two of us.

And of course the printer stopped working. Good times!
So we had to go over our notes again, and punch in everything again. Of course!

Sous chef ended having to run some food as there was no way we could have done it. Drinks took 30 minutes, taking orders another 30, the phone was ringing off the hook (and nobody had time to answer), we couldn't find the wines we needed, the fridge was not working well.
Just great!

At one point my comrade (the legendary Adly Gawad) and I just looked at each other from across the room and smiled at each other because we knew we were FUBAR :D. It was just perfect. What a gong show.

My hair was on fire for about 3 or 4 hours, coulda been 10. Hard to say. Even dropping bills and processing credit cards took another 30 minutes.

There was no 5 star service that day, and yet, somehow, the restaurant gods smiled upon us and miraculously nobody complained! :O

I am still mystified.

And writing this made me wanna throw up a little not gonna lie lol